About us

Kick Wizard it is Marketing agency of full cycle specializing at online business solutions. Our main task is to convey to the consumer all-new from the world of marketing communications. We are very sensitive approach to modern trends and technologies, synthesize mistakes of the past and the possibilities of the future, are immersed in the details, make experiments, try to taste something that is not served at the table and eventually get most importantly - effective solution.

Our mission

We are using modern marketing tools, design and it-technology to offer our customers leading-edge solutions to improve their business.

Our philosophy

The modern world it is great pitcher often overwhelmed with not qualitative ideas. Our philosophy is based on the principle that will remain after us - it is clean, full of positive energy, an idea, an idea charged for success.

Our values

1 Uniqueness

We do not copy the ideas that have become successful in the other hands, and find only new solutions and approaches. Offering unique ideas, we are moving forward and develop together with you.

2 Decency

Confidentially and integrity in relation to the customer is a constant for each employee of Kick Wizard. Working with us, you can be sure that all cooperation between us will remain between us.

3 Harmony

Work in harmony with project and search for standing solutions in a huge flow of ideas, is a major asset for us. We do not work in a hurry, from this result always exceeds expectations.

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